Evaluation of selection indices for drought

Drought is a major cause of yield loss for many important crops including maize therefore, the development and release of drought tolerant varieties that will yield well under a broad range of environmental conditions is an important breeding goal. Evaluation of bread wheat (triticum aestivum l) genotypes based on resistance indices under field conditions effective selection criteria thus, drought indices which provide a measure of drought based on loss of yield under drought-conditions in comparison to. Abstract drought is one of the major abiotic stresses in agriculture worldwide, which limits crop production the chickpea cultivation areas of iran are fourth in the world after india, pakistan and turkey while most areas (95 %) are planted in rainfed condition and are grown in rotation with cereals. An evaluation of some drought indices in the monitoring and prediction of agricultural drought impact in central italy todisco f, vergni l, mannocchi f.

Based on the results from assessing the selection criteria, gmp and sti indices that had positive significant correlations with both y p and y s are suggested as desirable indices to identify drought-tolerant genotypes. Evaluation of selection indices for drought tolerance in some chickpea (cicer arietinum l) genotypes effect of selected ecological lubricants on the wear of defined sliding bearing modelling of terrain surface. It seems likely that stress tolerance index, geometric mean productivity, and harmonic mean indices, which showed the highest correlation with grain yield under both optimal and stress conditions, can be used as the best indices for maize breeding programs to introduce drought tolerant hybrids.

Evaluation of and selection criteria for drought resistance in chinese semiwinter rapeseed varieties at different developmental stages. Evaluation of drought tolerance indices in bread wheat (triticum aestivum l) 37 as loss of yield is the main concern for the crop plants from agricultural point of view, plant. Information about tolerance indices and morphological traits related to drought stress tolerance would be useful for identifying potential maize hybrids tolerant to drought this research aimed to determine tolerance indices and selection traits for drought tolerance, and to identify the tolerant and adaptive maize hybrids to normal and drought. Drought is one of the major problems that affect crops, including maize, in the romanian region of oltenia as a result, the identification of maize hybrids with high yielding potential and drought tolerance are important breeding objectives.

Key words: evaluation, selection indices, drought stress, wheat abstract to assess the effect of salicylic acid (sa) and ga3 on wheat grown under drought and control conditions four factorial experiment was done in a rcbd across two locations with three replications the. Indices on evaluation and selection of stress tolerant plants, so he was studied vetch genotypes in different moisture regimes and draw the relationship between. Drought is the most significant constraint for crop production in arid and semi-arid regions in order to assess drought tolerance in fifteen rapeseed (brassica napus) cultivars using yield-based drought tolerance indices, two experiments were conducted at the research station of college of agriculture, shiraz university, shiraz, iran during 2009-2010 growing season. Across the years, non-uniform evaluation methods, lower for selection of relative drought tolerant genotypes, different drought tolerance different drought tolerance indices (dtis) were used in current study for effective and precise sortation of relatively drought tolerant and susceptible chickpea. The selection criteria for identifying drought tolerant geno- types and high-yielding genotypes in drought stress and non-stress conditions (giancarla et al, 2010.

Evaluation of drought tolerance in corn (zea mays l) new hybrids with using stress tolerance indices tolerance indices, drought stress, corn, yield and yield components introduction according to the fao reports (2008) in iran (annual rainfall 24mm), the resistance to drought selection based on ssi, causes selection of hybrids which. Effectiveness of drought tolerance indices to identify tolerant genotypes in bread wheat akçura m, partigoç f, kaya y 2011 evaluating of drought stress tolerance based on selection indices in turkish bread wheat landraces ahmadi a, poustini k, mohammadi v 2006 evaluation of drought resistance indices under various environmental. Evaluation of drought tolerance selection indices in chickpea genotypes these indices may be useful for selection of drought tolerant chickpea genotypes. Evaluation of drought tolerance in different growth stages of maize (zea mays l) inbred lines using criteria for selection of drought tolerant and high yielding inbred lines the positive and significant some selection indices based on a mathematical relation between stress and optimum conditions has been.

  • Evaluation of the varieties on the basis of drought tolerance indices tol is one of the most important indicators of drought resistance indices which low values shows more resistance of that for a stress.
  • Evaluation of drought tolerance indices bread wheat genotypes in end-season drought stress conditions (research paper) moghadam a, hadizadeh m use of plant density in selection of drought tolerance varieties in corn iranian journal of crop sciences 20002(3):25-38 [view at google scholar.

To evaluate response of plant genotypes to drought stress, some selection indices has been proposed based on a mathematical relation between stress and optimum conditions [5] drought indices, describing the relations between. Selection, yield evaluation, drought tolerance indices of orange-flesh sweet potato (ipomoea batatas lam) hybrid clone agili s 1 , nyende b 2 , ngamau k 2 and masinde p. Results of index values computed for three different selection index methods at 5% selection intensity from grain yield and other agronomic traits measured on testcrosses and hybrid checks and averaged over 2 years are presented in table 5. Evaluation of drought tolerance in sunflower determining the best quantitative indices for drought resistance, and identifying drought resistant of farshadfar et al, believe that most suitable indices for selection of drought resistance cultivars, is an indicator.

evaluation of selection indices for drought Drought tolerance indices provide a measure of drought based on yield loss under drought conditions as compared to normal conditions and hence they are used to screen drought tolerant genotypes [12] (nazari and pakniyat, 2010.
Evaluation of selection indices for drought
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